Partners & Relationships

Our Partners & Relationships

Customer Faithful may be small and beautifully formed, but we also access a wide range of agencies and professions through our business network.

Alongside our core team, we have great relationships with specialists who add to our expertise in particular areas. These include capabilities such as technology, film & visual arts, creative design and communication. We also partner with individual researchers and niche agencies worldwide to give us a breadth of language skills and geographical scale across the globe. This approach enables us to custom-build each client project with individuals and companies that have simply wowed us with their skill, imagination and passion.

We are proud to have worked with them, and openly list them here, by way of recommendation, either alongside us or in their own right.

Ancona + Associates
Tom Ancona’s US-based experience design agency is the best we’ve seen for capturing and celebrating the heritage of a brand, to ensure its authority for the future, both on and off-line.

Greenfield Television
Outstanding video production team, with extensive experience in the creation and use of new media, incl. DVD, 3D animation, video for web, or content for company intranets.

Nic Askew
A genuinely unique film-maker, Nic has a rare gift for capturing the soul of an individual or an organization , laid bare in beautiful, black-and-white short films.

The Sales Club
The Centre of Excellence for sales leaders.  Insights, ideas & inspiration to help you sell more.  Cross-sector membership includes organisations such as: British Airways, American Express, Eurostar, Allianz, BMW & Toshiba. Find out more & see member testimonials from the link above.

This consultancy has an inspiring philosophy of making people more valuable. That incorporates a wide range of services to bring about positive change in an organisation, but I especially like that their method is based on sound connective research and scientific evidence about behavioural change. Not guesswork.

Sheba Cassini – contact us for details at
Sheba is almost our resident visualization cartoonist, with a speed and imagination that is perfect for brainstorming workshops, innovation sessions and fun communication !