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Although the concept of tribes in marketing has been around for more than a decade, they can hardly be described as mainstream. So what's the The Big Idea here? And should you encourage your organisation to embrace tribal marketing?

In recent years, behavioural science has held that people can be given a gentle 'nudge' to act in more positive ways. But we believe rewarding behaviour requires a firmer hand. And a broader audience.

Our previous blog for how to make queuing a more positive experience has become our 3rd most popular article! So, we figured we'd keep looking for more ideas and resources to share on this. Here's some of the best we've seen in recent months....

Following our article on promotion un-bundling last year, this blog adds further research demonstrating our belief that consumers can be attracted to individual purchases just as much, if not more so, than discounted bundles. Curious? Read on........

Rick addressed members of The Sales Club in London in September 2012. His session focused on the Impact of Customer Experience on Sales – demonstrating how customer experience differs from customer service and why it takes you further in impacting sales performance and brand loyalty.

As shoppers, we're all used to easy access to heaps of product information, right? Just google the item you want, and dozens of online retailers will come to your aid. But how much of this data is what customers actually want? Can shoppers trust it, and how important is this in the overall customer experience?

This month, Rick was in Paris to address leading CEOs from the direct selling industry at Seldia's Spring Conference 2011.

Persuading consumers to adopt behaviours that will save them money and help the environment is not as easy a task as it may sound. But beyond the carbon footprint, what other lessons can such initiatives teach us about impacting consumer behaviour?