What we do

What we do

We’re hired to unlock what customers and employees really want from an organisation, and use that insight to design experiences that drive loyalty, engagement and performance.

For Customers

we’ve created in-house techniques which define how customers themselves evaluate the benefit they receive from products & services, including linking so-called ‘intangible’ customer benefits such as “confidence” and “trust” to the physical activities and incurred costs that drive such feelings.

We offer both end-to-end experience programmes, as well as more tactical solutions to specific problems. Within our programmes, our clients can expect:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research programmes –  pinpointing differences in needs and values across customer profiles.
  • Lifelines™ – our trademark diagnostic where we identify where gaps exist in their experience journey, mapping what people value most vs. what they actually get. We also uncover how to encourage new customers to become ‘faithful’, by positioning loyalty driver messages at appropriate times and places in marketing communication
  • Out-of-industry benchmarking – identifies innovative and best practice learning worldwide, to offer fresh thinking and detailed case studies.
  • Creative Workshops – innovative facilitated sessions, typically generating over 100 ideas per session, built around the benefits that customers value most
  • Channel Troubleshooting – in-depth audits, pinpointing where customer benefits can be  reinforced in channels such as retail, call centres and websites.

For Employees

We’re committed to helping companies give their employees every support for delivering a great customer experience. That in turn drives employee engagement, performance and retention. We offer a range of services to enable this to happen, including:

  • Customer Induction Programmes – orientation and training sessions, aimed at immersing new and existing employees in what their customers value most, and encouraging a customer-first attitude across executives and frontline employees alike.
  • Employee Engagement Workshops – these combine elements of focus groups and brainstorming, enabling employees to both identify what matters most in their workplace as well as developing fresh ideas to bring about positive change
  • Employee Surveys – unlike many standard surveys which simply monitor change across a set of static measures, our programmes are built to provide both a benchmark and a rich source of attitudinal insight.

For further information and examples of our employee services, please click here.