Bid Reviews & Support

Reviewing Bids & Proposals

Many of our B2B clients have told us of their need to submit formal bids and proposals for winning projects, often as part of a public tender or RFP. Even when rebidding for an existing contract, companies are finding they have to pitch to hold on to the account.

An increasing number of bid submissions now require dedicated sections for how products & services will improve the customer experience, including aspects such as customer service, customer satisfaction, recognition and interaction with customer feedback.

It is not uncommon for at least 10% of bid scoring and weighting to be allocated to customer experience, which can make the difference between winning and losing.

Bid Review Services
We now offer our clients a Bid Review facility, where we will audit their bid document(s) specifically in regard to how well the customer experience is recognised and matched to bid requirements (click image below to enlarge)

Bid CX Slide
4-Step Process ensures every bid document is optimised to gain maximum scores for customer experience

Our unique 4-pass bid review process ensures that not only is customer experience properly represented in your proposal submissions, but is professionally described, evidenced and presented in line with industry best practice.

Bid Support

Where clients require us to help with the development of the bid itself, we can also support them across a range of services, including qualitative research with customers, stakeholder interviews, ideation workshops and benchmarking across wider industries.

To discuss how we can help you improve your bid submissions, contact