Our Insight Work

All of our work at Customer Faithful is underpinned by a passion for understanding and interpreting customers.

We offer three broad areas of insight:

Our clients typically already have numeric data describing their customer activity. Dependent upon the industry type, this could be a range of information –   retail sales data, rail passenger footfall, hospital patient admissions or life expectancy.
This information helps us to plan our study of how they buy. We analyse not just the store itself, but what people do there, how they navigate, tackle and interact with products, merchandising, staff and other customers. It’s a form of observational insight, capturing customer behaviour in a completely natural, real-life way. Our teams have applied these techniques to improve the customer experiences in environments as diverse as stores, cinemas, theatres, hospitals and train stations.

We specialize in accompanied shopping to uncover and explore a slice of customers’ lives. We’ll see, hear and discuss with customers how they feel, using audio-visual recording to log their reactions. It’s a whole new stream of customer insight, which enables interpretation and validation to happen in real-time.
We also conduct a wide range of qualitative assessment, including 1-to-1 and paired interviewing, focus groups and creative workshops. Our face-to-face work with customers is augmented with social media listening, using analytics across blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook and many more to incorporate this increasingly important source of customer opinion.
We incorporate some of the latest thinking and techniques in qualitative research, including Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) – developed at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Much of our behavioural and attitudinal insight takes place in the ‘here and now’. But we also work to ‘future-proof’ our insight by exploring upcoming, emerging and fading trends. Our trendspotting work pinpoints ‘next-practice’ behaviour, and helps our clients identify which customers, channels, competitors and skills will form the core of their business in years to come.
Our trend insights can be tailored to individual client requirements, including specific industry sectors, customer segments and market geographies. In addition, we also offer market insight workshops and speaking engagements, both at public events and on client-site.