Speaking engagements

Rick Harris – Owner & Managing Director, Customer Faithful – is an experienced and inspirational keynote speaker for conferences and internal events. Often provocative, always lively and well-researched, his presentations are both thought-provoking and designed for practical application.

You can view an example of Rick presenting here.

Rick speaks across a range of topics, specialising in customer experience, loyalty, consumer trends and innovative research. Due to time commitments, his speaking engagements are primarily in UK and Europe, and he can be contacted at rick@customerfaithful.com

Here what others say about Rick’ speaking events:

“A true leader in bringing fresh and innovative approaches to understanding how customers experience brands.”

“Rick scans the landscape for current intelligence from comparable industries and creates a session that compels teams to reach new heights. Learnings are not passive but oriented toward outcomes, change and action. Highly recommended if you’re serious about raising the bar.”

“[Rick is…] Clearly somebody who knew his business about customer experience, how to improve your website from a consumers’ point of view and make the most of what you have to engage your niche market.”